BuyersUptown Phoenix Real Estate Specialist

Prices all over the valley are stabilized and in some areas are appreciating monthly. If you were waiting for that perfect time, there has never been a better time to buy a home than right now!
Finding a home is pretty easy now, there are apps and websites that will gladly show you all the latest listings. (although, not ALL homes are on the national websites, I can still find homes you didn’t see online ; )

There are approximately 63 moving components of a real estate transaction when buying a home. My job is to help you make heads or tails of these moving pieces. I will help you interpret the market data in terms of home prices so you don’t over pay for a home. As your agent, I will control all aspects of this process including the lender and the title company. I am the glue that holds the transaction together.

When it comes to negotiations, you want a bull dog on your side. I will treat your money like it’s my money and if I wouldn’t buy the home you are looking at, I’ll tell you in an honest and transparent way. After all, it’s not like you can return a house to the seller six months after you bought it because it doesn’t work for you after all.

Trust me to help you make the right decisions when buying a home.